This Saturday the underworld will be filled with the sounds & dancing of Louisiana as we welcome the the Grammy-nominated Revelers. The music they’re making in Lafayette has been called the “future of cajun music”.  We recently chatted with Daniel Coolick (fiddle) about all things Revelers including their road habits, top musical influences, caving experience and so much more…read the full story below and get your tickets today for this great show Saturday, June 3rd at 1pm CDT #underground
Also appearing is East Tennessee’s Bill and the Belles.  You may have caught this quartet last fall with Davina & the Vagabonds, we suggest you experience what Music city Roots calls “A 78 RPM shellac record come to life. What a wonderful and authentically American sound” live, in person and in one of the world’s coolest venues.
Now to the good stuff. Take a little trip to the bayou, into the current musical scene with Daniel Coolick (DC)nof The Revelers:
BU: What are the band’s favorite foods and things to do while traveling on the road?

DC: We usually like to eat and drink the regional favorites of where we are (i.e. Lobster rolls in New England, Salmon in Alaska, Green chile verde in New Mexico, etc.)  We also like to visit some of our great friends who we get to see because we travel so often

BU: What album would we most likely find playing on your tour bus?

DC: That’s tough. I’d say in the day time maybe some Aldus Roger, John Delafose, Ernest Ranglin but definitely if we are doing night driving Bobby “Blue” Bland’s “Two Steps from the Blues.”

BU: As a musician, what are some tips you’d give yourself when you were first learning if you could back in time?

DC: Slow down and relax.  Play in the pocket.

BU: Who are the top five musical influences on the Revelers, if you had to choose today?

DC: Walter Mouton, John Delafose, Lil’ Bob and the Lollipops, Warren Storm, Bobby Charles

BU: Who are your favorite emerging cajun/Lousiana artists we should all be on the lookout for right now?

DC: Feufollet is a great band and friends of ours they’ve been around for a long time. Also, out of New Orleans our good buddies King James and the Special Men.

BU: Have you ever performed in a cave? Does anyone in the band have any thoughts or fears about going into a cave to play music?

DC: We have not to my knowledge but I think we are looking forward to it and I’m sure someone will have some jokes worked up that day to try out on the crowd.

BU: Most people think of “cajun” or “zydeco” when talking about Lousiana music. You’ve put out some great Swamp Pop tunes, can you tell us a little history of the genre of Swamp Pop? Is “swamp pop” related to cajun/zydeco?

DC: Swamp Pop was a term given to people in SW Louisiana playing more english R&B and being influenced by Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, and other Southern Soul music.  In some instances, they played both French, i.e. Cajun music, and swamp pop music or came out of playing Cajun music but switched to playing Swamp Pop music. Other like Cajun artist, Belton Richard, recorded Swamp Pop songs in French and sort of bridged the gap.

BU: The South Louisiana Black Pot Festival & Cookoff, closely associated with The Revelers, has rightfully earned a reputation as one of the most intimate & authentic festivals, can you explain how this event has evolved with the band?

DC: The event, like the band, has tried to progress and bring in new influences, new friends, new bands, and yet try and remain a fun event where people look forward to it all year.

BU: What are some of the band’s favorite parts of The Blackpot Festival that everyone should try to experience while there?

DC: Everything. The food, The dancing, The camping. Seeing old friends.

BU: You’re on a desert island with 1 Album: Frank Sinatra or Ralph Stanley? Why?

DC: For me, Frank, others in the band will violently disagree. I love Frank.  Plus it’s hot on an island, Frank is cool and swings along like a nice breeze.

Come get a good dose of the bayou Underground this Saturday June 3rd, get your tixs today before they’re gone!

We have the best of both worlds –  all the natural beauty of an outdoor setting but without the sunburn, mosquitoes, rain, mud, wind, dust storms and ripe, sunbaked port-o-lets. Come enjoy a show underground this Saturday or make your plans for one of the other great shows below. We’ll see you underground!