Many artists come into the cave as legends.   It is always a magical experience to see one of your favorite bands or songwriters in such an intimate, unique space with acoustics like no other.  What is equally amazing & in many cases even cooler is to see a show like we are presenting this weekend with a future legend like the young, up-and-coming Flatt Lonesome 333′ underground.

What is equally amazing & in many cases even cooler is to see a band in the cave that you know in your gut will be one of your favorites for many years to come.  That band that you can’t wait to go home & find their old records and message them to find out when they’re next one comes out.  It’s a feeling you don’t get that often but when you do it makes one feel invigorated.  Flatt Lonesome is one of those groups. They are coming into the cave hot!  Fresh off big wins at the International Bluegrass Music Association’s award ceremony, Grand Ole Opry performances and the release of an amazing record last year, we got to chat with them about a full gamut of topics.

BGU: When did you all decide that music was something you wanted to pursue professionally?

FL: In 2011 soon after the disbandment of our family band, Sandy Creek Revival, we knew we wanted to keep playing music. That’s when we started Flatt Lonesome and played our first time on stage together in the band competition at SPBGMA in Nashville, TN.

BGU: New bands form everyday, what do you attribute Flatt Lonesome’s success too?

FL: We would first attribute our success to the blessings God has given us and the great people he has put in our path to work with. We have also been friends and family long before the band formed, so we knew each other well before Flatt Lonesome which is why were such a close knit group.

BGU: What are the band’s favorite foods and things to do while traveling on the road?

FL: Flatt Lonesome is a huge fan of mac and cheese and anything sweet! Yes, we’re healthy eaters. 🙂 We also love exploring new cities and finding great local eateries.

BGU: Jimmy Martin or Bill Monore, who gets more spins in the Flatt Lonesome van and why?

FL: Bill Monroe. Because Kelsi’s the boss and she plays mando!

BGU: Are there any current young/emerging bands that you all enjoy listening to?

FL: Front Country is a great band with a strong lead vocalist, which we love! ClayBank is also a great young group with great pickers and singers! They’re also great people on and off stage.

BGU: Do you have any advice for a younger person who is thinking about becoming a professional musician?

FL: Our advice is to work hard, surround yourself with good people and don’t take things too seriously. 🙂

BGU: Have you ever performed in a cave? Any thoughts about going into a cave to play music?

FL: We have played in a hotel stair well! But never a cave and we are so excited to hear the great sound! We also

BGU: What are the top 5 musical influences on the band?

FL: Forgive us for naming 6! Alison Krauss and Union Station, Blue Highway, Tony Rice, Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder, Lee Ann Womack, Merle Haggard

BGU: You’ve won some serious awards in just a few years, the SPBGMA band competition and IBMA awards to name just a couple, how has being nominated and winning awards helped the band?

FL: Winning these awards has been such an honor and definitely an excitement for our band! For us, personally, it keeps up our momentum and keeps us going strong. It also helps to get our name across many platforms so that others know our  love for music, which is the greatest reasons we do what we do.

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