Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much are tickets?

A: Shows are priced individually; please check each show for pricing

Q: How much are children’s tickets?

A: Children 5 and under are free, everyone else is general admission. Children under 5 also can take cave tours for free. Bring the whole family!

Q: How do I get my tickets?

A: All tickets are will call, no tickets are mailed out. Will call is in the Visitors Center of Cumberland Caverns and opens up at 9:30 a.m on the day of the show for most shows. Please check your ticket information for show specific times.  In most cases the box office will open at least two hours prior to doors opening.

Q: How do we get to 333′ underground into the Volcano Room?

A: Groups are brought down every 15 minutes starting one hour before the show. It is about a 650 yard walk to the Volcano Room, where the shows are held.  Half of that walk is via a gravel path, the remainder is a path through the caverns. The hike is not difficult but does include one steep incline. Most guests can do the walk without much trouble.

Q: Is Bluegrass Underground handicapped accessible?

A: Cumberland Caverns is not handicapped accessible. As a natural attraction, the pathways are considered semi-strenuous, with slopes and uneven surfaces. The path to the cave is 300 yards. It is approximately 350 yards from the cave entrance to the Volcano Room. The cave path has many ups and downs with the steepest slope descending 30’ into the Volcano Room. Bluegrass Underground is an adventure destination concert venue that is unfortunately not suited for all music fans. If you are in a wheelchair, require the use of a walker, or have knee, leg, feet, heart, breathing, or any other conditions that will not allow for over exertion, you should not attend. Cumberland Caverns does have vehicles for use in carrying equipment in and out of the cave and for emergency use only. These vehicles are not insured for the transport of customers and will not be used for such. Customers who have bought tickets for Bluegrass Underground concerts and are not able to make the walk to the Volcano Room may trade their ticket for another event as a gift to a family member or friend.

Q: Are there restrooms at the show?

A: Yes the cave is equipped with full bathroom facilities located in the rear of the concert room.  

Q: Is there food available?

A: Yes, there is a full concession stand, hotdogs, chili, nachos, etc…inside of the cave. Unfortunately there are no food options prior to entering the cave and there are no vegetarian options availalbe at most shows. 

Q: May we bring our own chairs?

A: Yes, you may bring your own chairs, however you will not be permitted to put them on the main floor of the Volcano Room.  Seating is provided in the form of several rows of folding chairs and picnic tables with adequate seating for 500. Personal chairs may be placed on the hill going down into the Volcano Room.

Q: How long are the shows?

A: Show lengths vary from show to show but are generally 2.5-3 hours.

Q: I purchased a Bucket List Package, what do I do now?

A: Once you purchase the Bucket List Package sit back, relax and let us do the rest! We will reserve your room at the beautiful Inn at Fall Creek Falls for your two-night stay. The two-night stay is typically the night before a show and the night of the show. Be sure to have a credit card ready at hotel check in for incidentals as Bluegrass Underground is not responsible for hotel incidentals. Check in times are usually 4:30 PM CST on the first day of your stay.

The Bucket List package includes early-entrance into the cave for your choice of seating. You will be led into the cave approximately one hour before the show starts. We recommend being in the Bucket List line at the mouth of the cave at the least 30 minutes prior to doors opening for your show. With your early admission, you will have first access to all unreserved seating in the cave.  Bring a hat or coat handy to leave on your seat to save them.  If you arrive after the cave doors have opened for General Admission seating you will have forfeited your early access to seating.

You will also receive an exclusive Bluegrass Underground merchandise package including 2 Bluegrass Underground T-Shirts, 2 CDs, and 1 limited edition artist signed poster. You will pick-up your swag at the merchandise booth located in the cave. 

Both you and your guest will also receive a guided tour of the cave. You will pick up your cave tour tickets at the box office when getting your show wristbands the day of the show. Cave tours leave the box office every 30 minutes and last about 60 minutes. Tour times are subject to change based on the availability of staff. All tour groups must exit the cave upon completing the tour.  

Please remember that this is general information and show specific times and details will be emailed to you approximately two weeks prior to your show.  To reach the hotel directly please call (423) 881-5241. The hotel will not have you on file until approximately two weeks prior to the show.  All room specific requests will need to be made after you receive your show specific details from Bluegrass Underground.  Pet rooms will be available at that time on a first come first serve basis for an additional charge paid directly to the hotel. 


Q: I purchased a package, how will I get my great seats up close to the stage?

A: Bucket List & Underground package holders receive VIP access to seating prior to general admission and Spelunker packages.  Upon checking in at the box office you’ll receive a VIP wrist band that will allow you to lineup at the front of the line entering the cave.  All VIP ticket holders will be escorted into the cave approximately 15 mins prior to other ticket holders giving you early access to seats, merchandise, concessions and even the bathrooms!  To take advantage of this opportunity guests must be in line to enter the cave prior to the opening of the doors for the particular show.  If you arrive after the doors have opened you will forefit your VIP seating. Upon entering the show room you will have access to any and all seats that are not already reserved, there will be lots of open seats in the first few rows for almost all shows.  Sit back & enjoy your favorite artist in one of the most beautiful venues. 

Q: I have purchased a ticket that comes with a cave tour.  When should I take the tour?

A: Reservations are not needed for your redueced rate tour of the cave. Tours leave every 30 minutes on the half hour and last about 60 minutes. Tours usally begin 15-30 minutes after the box office opens.  You should arrive 2 hours prior to show time in order to take the tour pre-show and secure good seats.  For example, if the show starts at 1pm, you should arrive in time for the 11am tour at the latest. If there is a large group for the tours, tours will be split into two groups.

For a 1:00 PM Saturday show, the first cave tour will leave at 9:30 am.  Tour groups of 50 will leave every  30 minutes on the half hours (i.e. 9:30, 10:00, 10:30 and 11:00 am etc…).  Tour times are subject to change depending on the amount of people who purchased tour tickets. We recommend anyone wanting to take the tour and see the show plan to take the 10:30 am or earlier tours.

You are also welcome to take the tour after the show or any time, tour tickets are good for up to one year.  Cave tour ticket holders will not be left in the cave, unfortunately the artists/crew are not able to prepare for the show while people are in the cave.  If you miss the cave tour you can take a tour after the show or within a year from date of purchase.   Please contact Cumberland Caverns directly for more information regarding the cave tours.

Q: What time zone are you on?

A: We are on Central Time.

Q: Do you offer group discounts?  Yes! Groups of 15 or more get discounted tickets.

A: Contact if there are not already group tickets listed for the show you’d like to see.  You can also find group ticket information here

Q: Can I take pics & post pics to social media?

A: We highly encourage you to take pictures while in the cave of anything you like, just ask the bats if its ok, they can be bashful.  Please share your pictures once you have wifi again on all social media outlets.  We may even contact some of your favorite picture takers for free tickets to a future show.  Use hashtag “#bluegrassunderground” & tag us when possible.  The cave is equipped with free wifi for our guests. Please respect those around & behind you and do not block anyones view.  Please do not use any flash photography. 

Q: Can I call someone at Bluegrass Underground?

A: We highly encourage you to contact us via email at If you prefer to call please use the phone number in our footer.  Please leave us an email address that we may contact you back on.   We try to answer all email inquiries within 48 hours and phone inquiries within the business week. 


Q: How can my band or my friends band play at Bluegrass Underground/Live from the Underground?

A: We strive to present the highest level of quality music to our patrons. One way we do that is by only working with artists and bands that we have seen live ourselves. We will also often work with booking agents and management that we have a long-standing, working relationship with. With that being said we are also looking for new artists, bands & configurations in all genres. Our team of music lovers often attend regional concerts, music festivals & industry conferences such as IBMA, AMA, FAI, APAP & SPBGMA to name a handful always on the lookout for a great new band. You can always contact us via email at though we really hope to discover you via one of the routes above or organically. Thanks for your support and interest in Bluegrass Underground & Live from the Underground. 



Please arrive at least one hour prior to the show time.  Groups will be escorted underground beginning one hour prior to showtime and then in 15 minute intervals until showtime.  If you miss the last group you will have to wait until the show has started and be seated between songs.

The Volcano Room is accessible to those who are at least moderately physically active. As a hiking trail it would be classified as “easy” but there is a downhill slope you must go down and up again to reach the Volcano Room. Watch your footing on trails. Sturdy footwear with good traction and ankle support is recommended.

Please remember that most Bluegrass Underground is taped radio & television show as well as a concert. Patron silence while the songs are being played is appreciated. Patrons are encouraged to refrain from excessive talking or noise except between songs and during the intermission. Concessions will be available before the show, during the intermission (if there is one), and after the show.

Please remember that the caverns are a national landmark and that all patrons must be escorted while they are going into the Volcano Room. Tour guides will lead patrons down to the show and back up again after the show.

Families are welcome…so are cameras!

• There are restroom facilities at the cave.

• Alcohol and illegal narcotics are prohibited in the cave.

• The cave is a smoke-free environment.

• Snack bar concessions are available for purchase -hotgogs, chili, BBQ, etc…

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